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Barrett's Best Billboard Award Winners

Billboard image of Subway

Congratulations Subway, 2018 Winner

Eye catching and mouth watering,this Subway Sandwich had over half a million viewers (545,068) on I-95 looking forward to lunch each week.Source Communications Inc. literally went above and beyond the classic billbord design to display a delicious Subway Sandwhich with one of the largest cutouts on the interstate. Utilizing a cut out element demands attention by breaking the lines of symmetry and giving drivers more than they expect to see. The cutout also allowed the sandwhich to really shine above the tree line against the bright sky.

Source Communications made sure to keep it simple, a delicious sandwich and four words to tell drivers what to order and where to get it. Congratulations Subway and Source Communications Inc. for daring to be different and winning Barrett's Best Interstate Signs, 2018


Board Design: Source Communications
Client: Subway
Sign Location: #107, West Haven, CT
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