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Barrett's Best Billboard Award Winners

Billboard image of Brewport

Congratulations Brewport, 2017 Winner

The Brewport Blond. Contrast, simplicity and an engaging graphic make this billboard among the best on I-95. One year of operations, one year of billboards, with sales through the roof: Brewport is here to stay. Their billboards demand attention and redirection to Exit 27B. The iconic blond graphic employs thick black lines for contrast and easy long-distance reading. It took artistic maturity, for the subtler lines that look good on a proof sheet would ahve dispapeared on this billboard. Though Brewport sells more than just beer, they opted for simplicity, but will change their billboard copy every three months to bring their guests fresh visual experiences of their many pizzas, salads and beers.


Board Design: Box 8 Creative
Sign Location: #12, Stratford, CT
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