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«Award-Winning Art

New Haven Apizza

Neon, Pizza, Night Life, New Haven... It's deceptively simple, and so powerful!

Silverman Group got it right. With the letter "a" and some neon, they transformed pizza (found anywhere) into "APIZZA", found only in New Haven. The word "APIZZA" is huge, distincitve, and easy to read. Silverman chose neon red on a black background, creating eye-popping contrast that stresses the wonderful nightlife of New Haven. The words "grab a slice" balance the words "New Haven," and UIL holdings gets recognition for sponsoring the ad with their well-placed logo. This board dazzles over half a million (559,795) weekly viewers and teases the eyes of the Barrett office staff. We are extremely proud of this eye-popping, mouthwatering, iconic sign: Winner of Barrett's Best Billboard, January of 2016. Congratulations Market New Haven, Silverman Group, and UIL Holdings.

Client: Market New Haven Inc.
Agency: Silverman Group, New Haven
Location: #39 West Haven, Facing North