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«Award-Winning Art

Barnum Festival

This sign sings with joyful legibility.

Fireworks and a happy child at the Barnum Festival! It looks easy, but it's not.

Bob Abbate marketing LLC., is no amateur to great design. Less experienced designers would place the blue and red too close and cause a disturbing blue/red vibration across the sign. By separating the blue and red with strong white lines and touching up the child's smile and face, Bob Abbate Marketing made their clients sign sing with joyful legibility. They chose clean fonts, big letters, pure emotion, a great face and costume, and tied it all into one message: Fireworks at the Barnum Festival makes a happy child! It looks simple, but great care helped this sign delivery 522,921 daily impressions and win Barrett's Best Billboards, summer of 2015.

Client: Barnum Festival
Sign Location: #74, Stratford, CT
Agency: Bob Abbate Marketing, LLC.